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S O L A R     G E Y S E R S

In the average home almost half of electricity consumption is attributed to heating water with your geyser. By installing a solar Geyser heating system and utilising the free energy from the sun, you can expect a reduction of 33% in your electricity bill.

Solar geysers has been used commercially around the world for more than 50 years. In several countries it is mandatory to have a solar Geyser in every home.

Solar geysers comprises a hot water storage tank and solar heat collector panels. Through a thermo-siphon effect (in which hot water rises), hot water circulates between the collectors and the Geyser while there is sun and is stored at the end of the day in an insulated Geyser. All our systems are equipped with an electrical heating element as a back up, controlled by a thermostat for those odd days when the sun’s energy is insufficient for water heating.


Recoup your investment
The savings you will achieve on your electricity bills by harnessing free energy from the sun means that you will recover the cost of your initial investment in a few short years.

You will be able to pay for the solar geyser from your savings on electricity in less than 4 years. After this you save the electricity every month!

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