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C E N T R A L      V A C U U M       S  Y S T E M S

Our Central Vacuum System will create a safe and comfortable environment for your family. It will improve the air quality in your home while making the cleaning activities more comfortable.

The Central Vacuums, we place inlets around your home at convenient locations. Instead of plugging a portable vacuum into pre-determined electrical outlets and hoping the cord reaches around your home, you can move the central vacuum hose from inlet to inlet. Where we put the inlets is up to you. We can even install an automatic dustpan that lets you quickly sweep debris into a wall vent using a regular broom.

Three Easy Steps to Installation

1) Power Units - The power unit can usually be installed in a garage or a utility room. It is best to choose a location near an exterior wall to minimize the length of the exhaust run.

2) Inlet Valve Locations - Inlet valves are usually placed on interior walls, in hallways, near doorways or close to the bottom of stairways. Potential furniture placement should be considered when determining valve locations. The objective is to use as few inlet valves as possible while providing whole house coverage. Inlet valves can be situated between studs, clear of obstructions like plumbing, wiring, heating ducts, etc. They are typically positioned level with the height of electrical receptacles. In new home installations, the system is installed after electric and plumbing, but before walls are erected.

3) In-wall Tubing and Low Voltage Wiring - Tubing and low voltage wiring are run in tandem to each valve location, expediting installation time. Both are installed beginning with the inlet valve farthest from the unit.

Benefits to Home Comfort Central Vacuum Systems:

Healthier Air Home Comfort Central Vacuum Systems eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area because the dust and debris is carried through the walls to an out-of-the-way receptacle.

Power Home Comfort Central Vacuums have three to five times more power than traditional vacuums. Because the power unit is not meant to be portable, it can contain a more powerful motor than traditional vacuums.

Convenience Home Comfort Central Vacuums eliminate the need to carry a heavy unit from room to room or up and down the stairs. There are no cords to trip over, and your power brush can be inserted right into the wall inlet locations that you choose, instead of into pre-determined electrical outlets.

Home Value - Investing in any permanent appliance in your home should help increase the value when you decide to sell. Home Comfort Central Vacuums can be installed in existing homes or in homes that are under construction.

Noise - Generally, HomeComfortCentral Vacuum Systemsare quieter than traditional vacuums.Remember that the power unit is located elsewhere (garage, storeroom, etc.), so the noise will probably be insulated.

Versatility Home Comfort Central Vacuums offer the same range of attachments and accessories that portable vacuums offer.

Cost Home Comfort Central Vacuum Systems save you money by prolonging the life of your carpeting, drapes and furniture through deeper cleaning.

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